Travel Industry Representation

Management consulting services for airlines and travel industry representation services are available under one roof with a plethora of skills you can call upon.  Members of our team have worked for airlines, both small and large; travel agencies including leisure and corporate travel management companies. Our team also have experience working for hotels, resorts, tour and transport operators in addition to non-travel related business.

In addition to providing commercial support services to airlines, our partner business, offers commercial development services to the wider travel industry including airlines, hotels and resorts, and tour and transport operators. We understand the travel business, and the nuances of the corporate and leisure travel sectors. The FirstLink Aero and team have extensive experience in assisting airlines maximise their commercial impact and understand business within the periphery of the industry.

FirstLink Aero Travel Trade Marketing

Travel Trade Marketing – Providing affordable and effective travel industry sales representation services, helps airlines, hotels and resorts, and tour operators raise brand awareness to decision makers who significantly influence a customer’s choice of service provider.

FirstLink Aero Public Relations

Public Relations – An experienced team with extensive travel industry experience awaits your engagement.  Are you launching a new product and need assistance developing press kits, press conferences, and preparing for media inspections? can present  paradise and deliver calm to a crisis.

FirstLink Aero Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing – Creative and effective in creating consumer marketing campaigns that have maximum impact! Are you planning a new advertising campaign or a major promotion through your retail agents? provide campaign planning, creative design brochure development, radio and television advertisement creative, and marketing material distribution. With extensive experience in generating results through social media advertising and customer engagement exercises make your first link to affordable consumer marketing.

FirstLink Aero Digital and Social Media

Digital & Social Media – Assisting you with all things digital, whether it be a new website, the maintenance of an existing site, or the development of a digital media library and Customer Relationship Management system. and help you take control of existing clients, improve your businesses efficiency and reduce business process costs. can extend your reach.